“If you can’t measure it,
you can’t improve!”

Our data collection engines allow you to
deliver your Diversity & Inclusion strategy
through actionable insights

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Diversity and Inclusion Vault

We have collected over 700 different Diversity and Inclusion dimensions, metrics and parameters from some of the top performing companies globally.

Because each company is different and their Diversity and Inclusion strategies varies, we offer you the possibility of picking and choosing the most relevant metrics.

  • Over 500 Diversity dimensions and metrics ranked according to their relevance (according to the UK National Equality Standard)
  • Over 200 Inclusion dimensions and metrics
  • Employee sensing bots that collect employee sentiment on D&I related topics
  • Easy to deploy Smart-surveys using Wisdom of Crowds logics
  • Data collection dashboard with information on last data collection updates

Data Collection Engines

Collect Data from Different Sources

Our data collection engines are responsible for collecting data from different sources and feed the dashboard with up-to-date information.

These include HRMS integrations, process mapping wizards, employee sensing bots, smart-surveys and others.

Once activated, these engines can collect data automatically or once activated.

  • Integration with main HR Management Systems such as Workday, Success Factors and BambooHR.
  • Process Mapping wizard that assesses existing processes and policies through leadership questionnaires
  • Employee sensing bots that collect employee sentiment on D&I related topics
  • Easy to deploy Smart-surveys using Wisdom of Crowds logics
  • Data collection dashboard with information on last data collection updates

Best Practices Library

Just follow the best!

Our curated database of Diversity and Inclusion best practices repository is a source of recommendations for D&I managers that need inspiration and advise on how to boost any specific D&I metric.

The information is daily updated and it is both fed by our global community of D&I practitioners and the DiversImpact team.

Information is organised and indexed in a way that makes it easy to access and consume.

  • Best practices cards with relevant tagging that allows easy retrieve and association with specific D&I dimensions
  • Possibility to submit content and share with the broader community
  • Communities of practice that allow managers from different companies to share their experiences and ideas

Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of your D&I progression

This is the place where everything comes together: a highly visual tableau-de-bord where all the relevant to company Diversity and Inclusion metrics are presented.

Data is presented in different visual formats and can be measured against pre- defined company goals, evolution over time and others.

  • Highly visual and configurable analytics dashboard
  • Goals vs Actuals comparison with red/yellow/green alerts
  • Progress reports
  • Best practice recommendations for underperforming dimensions

What our clients say about us

  • “Running D&I efforts without real data was guesswork. Diversimpact’s dashboard became our daily monitoring tool”

    Atomic Hire

  • “With Diversimpact I can act on real data and understand the real impact of my D&I initiatives”

    Intersection Ventures

  • “… we discovered new ways of improving our D&I and business performance through the insights provided by the Analytics Dashboard…”


  • Diversimpact helped us understand our company’s DNA. We were able to monitor our goals and build the best D&I for us!


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About us

The global evidence is overwhelmingly clear: diversity is increasingly becoming a performance issue, a growth engine, and companies can no longer afford not to realize its societal benefits as well. How companies choose to address this business imperative vary quite a lot – industry, geography, maturity in its D&I journey or even the pace of change influences what strategy D&I managers choose to pursue.

What is evidently clear is that no strategy can be deployed and assessed without reliable and actionable data. This is the raison d’etre of DiversImpact: to help companies on their D&I journey by providing actionable insights that allows them them to measure performance and act on it.

As a software company with deep Diversity and Inclusion values we believe this is a collective effort and since our inception we believe in the power of collective intelligence. Our data collection engines are designed with state-of-the art data-gathering mechanisms that use both wisdom of crowds and a deep understanding of how humans engage in sensitive matters when asked.

Diversimpact has offices in London and Lisbon and our own Diversity and Inclusion values are what makes our software great.

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